Maize Fiber

Corn fiber (CF), a waste from maize pap is a heterogeneous complex of carbohydrate polymers and lignin. It is primarily composed of the outer kernel covering or seed pericarp, along with 10% to 25% adherent starch. Carbohydrate analyses of corn fiber vary considerably according to the source of the material.

Main functional use of CF are :-

  • Corn fiber gum emulsifier edges closer to commercial beverages
  • Corn fiber gum has emulsifying potential
  • Pectin replaces gum Arabic for better beverage stability: study reveals
  • Corn fiber gum could be effective alternative to gum Arabic
  • New corn fiber gum extraction process offers emulsion boost
  • Increased dietary potassium reduces stroke risk, study suggests
  • Food type has effect on allergen activity, suggests research
  • Savory aromas may aid salt reduction, say Unilever
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