Corporate conscience

SCCPL has an open, welcoming culture that believes that success is actually an amalgamation of the people, the society and its environment. Our Corporate Social Responsibility is dedicated towards the development of an ethical business processes which eventually will lead us to produce an overall positive impact on society as a rising responsible Business House.

Our Belief towards Corporate Social Responsibility:

    • Enlightened self-interest - We are continuously giving efforts in creating a synergy of ethics, a cohesive society and a sustainable global economy where markets, labor, communities and the people can function well together.


    • Social upliftment - Our liability for social upliftment is as our core business belief. As such we are constantly contributing to physical infrastructure and social capital improvement as a necessary part of our responsibility towards the society.


  • Transparency and trust - We not only believe in transparency but also practice the same with great responsibility.

Participating Socially

As a leader in the industry with creative and global ideology, SCCPL is focused in providing a better life and better environment to the human society.

We are committed to improve the environment around us through green chemistry and improved health through nutrition. SSCPL thus progressively is becoming a business partner with greater accountability in various local communities and organizations to help fulfill the responsibilities as a corporate house. As a concerned corporate citizen, SSCPL constantly strives to ensure a clean and green tomorrow.

Contributing to social development

SSCPL as part of MLA Group has established many institutions like,

  • Hospitals
  • Orphanages for poor and underprivileged under MLA Charitable Trust.

Our school SARADA EDUCARE, an ICSE school with all modern amenities is our step to give education to all.

We put our best effort towards social welfare and employment generation especially in rural areas. MLA Charitable Trust is always providing help the needy people of our society. 


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