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Mining equipment-service case

1. Large-scale shield machine processing supporting

Supporting processing of front shield, middle shield, tail shield and support parts of 6.7M\8M EPB shield machine (earth pressure balance shield machine).

Mining equipment

2. Large-scale solid-liquid separation equipment (thickener·carbon steel)

The supporting equipment of this type of thickener project has been exported to Congo (Kinshasa), Chile, Russia and other countries for many times.

Mining equipment

3. Large-scale mine mill equipment supporting

The full-automatic/semi-automatic mill equipment parts with a diameter of 8.5m and a length of 12m are for a Finnish Customer, serving in mining projects.

Mining equipment

4. Large ore washing tower equipment exported to Australia

The ore scrubbers are for an Australian customer, and the ultimate owner is mining giant FMG.

Mining equipment

5. Structural parts of mining equipment exported to Australia

The mining equipment structural parts (wear-resistant steel materials) are exported to Australia for FMG, the third largest mining giant in Australia and the fourth largest in the world.

Mining equipment

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