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Energy industry-service case

1. Supporting large-scale hydropower projects

The company provides structural components for large hydropower projects such as Zambia, Brazil, Honduras, and Vietnam.

Energy industry

2, Large-scale hydropower project yoke steel plate processing equipment

The company provides yoke steel plate processing and supporting for large hydropower projects.

Energy industry

3, Supporting parts for large-scale wind power projects

The company provides wind turbine towers as supporting parts for large-scale wind power projects for Malaysian customer.

Energy industry

4, Wind turbine hubs for large-scale wind power projects

The company provides Indian customer with wind turbine hubs, which are accessories for large-scale wind power projects.

Energy industry

5, Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Project

The company offers the electrical nuclear power project accessories such as high-voltage headers, condensers, top covers, tube sheets, motor housings for the Shanghai customer.

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